To the new home for my work. Games, Modeling, Animation, it will all live here. 

Snowbotron Ludum Dare 31

Snowbotron was made for the theme of Entire Game on One Screen. It's a simple shooter in the vein of robotron, but with a snowman attempting to save all the presents in a snowglobe while fending off snow monsters.

Greed Run Ludum Dare 27

Greed Run is a brutally unfair isometric take on snake/pacman style gameplay. It was made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour competition under the theme of 10 seconds. In it you have 10 seconds to get to the exit of a randomly generated level while grabbing as much loot as possible.

Bounce Ludum Dare 26

Bounce is a puzzle platform game which was made for the theme of Minimalism. It reduces all inputs to a single button press, relying on timing and patience to efficiently traverse levels.